HST Student Led Broadcast

This school year, students at HST have been learning about news broadcasts and reporting out information to the school community on Friday afternoons.  Students record broadcasts using the application Photo Booth on Friday mornings. They share out weekend weather, historical facts, health tips from Mrs. Becker, our school nurse, and shout outs to grade levels, classrooms and/or individual students. Students used a green screen to add a background image and Garage Band to create opening music. Classrooms view the weekly broadcast in their classrooms. Broadcasts are shared with community and parents on the HST website.   Check out the evolving HST broadcasts on our homepage or click on this link

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Kindergarteners Share Why They Love Math Apps

HST kindergarten students have been very excited to work with educational math apps throughout the school year. These apps have been helpful in giving students practice in applying and reviewing the skills that are part of our math curriculum. The apps add a wonderful dimension to learning, and are always a favorite activity on a daily basis. Enjoy watching the video and hear for yourself why kindergarteners love using math apps!


Student Leaders as News Reporters

Student leaders at HST synerzied to write the following news articles.

They used a shared Google doc to draft and revise the articles. Then, they documented their leadership skills by taking photos using HST iPads.

Enjoy their news articles!

Helping with Kindergarten

By: Riley and Haylee

This year, Riley and Haylee have been helping with Mrs. Saxman, a Kindergarten teacher with many things.

We help Kindergarten in the afternoon every day. Before we do that we finish our science then we pack up and put our chairs up.  Then we head down to Kindergarten. Monday through Wednesday, we put letters in bags for the kids to spell. We also let the kids read to us for practice.   On Thursday we make sure that all the ipads and computers are all plugged in because they use those electronics on Thursday. Friday we put together their homework for the next week. Last we do whatever Mrs. Saxman needs us to do and wait to be called as walkers.  We synergize when we work together because if one of us puts together the homework it is done.  We are also proactive when asking her what she needs help with. Now Mrs. Sugra is coming back. She was in Mrs. Saxman’s place so now we can help her too!

IMG_2035 IMG_2041



Helping with First Grade

By Mason and Ryan

This year, Mason and Ryan helped the first graders with many things.

First we get unpack and do our lunch count. Then we go down to first grade. We put first things first before we go to first grade. We wait until we are told to read with them, we let the first graders pick their books and let us know if they want to read or for us to read.  Sometimes we do other things like help pass out tests and help them if they need it, also we help with their kid writing. While we help them with their writing, we would help with spelling and the grammar in the first grade sentences. We enjoy helping first grade.




Students Share Their Learning Through Seesaw App

seesaw-appScreen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.12.23 PMHST Kindergartners, first grader, and second grader are using a tech tool called See Saw to share their work with classmates and teachers! Seesaw empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school. Students capture learning with photos and videos of their work, or by adding digital creations.  For example, Kindergarteners have been working on are illustrating math stories and recording reading practice. Everything gets organized in one place and is accessible to teachers from any computer or iPad. Student work can be shared with classmates, teachers or parents. Seesaw gives students a real audience for their work.  Students are learning how to respond with thoughtful comments to their classmates.

Kindergarteners have been working on are illustrating math stories and recording reading practice


First Graders Publish Their Kid Writing 

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.28.50 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.27.59 PM

Second Graders Publish Their Landmark Projects 


HST Student Led Leadership Gatherings

The following post was written by 4th Grade Members of the HST Student Lighthouse Team: 

Helping With the Leadership Gatherings! 

This year, Riley and Tamya, 4th graders at HST, are helping with the leadership gatherings. We have been trying to make every gathering a big success. First,we always get the positive habit Trackers. Then, we take them to Mrs. Cross’ room. Next, we type them up into  a shared slideshow in Google Slides. We work our hardest to get these names perfect and not to misspell the names. Then, we have to work on typing in all of the student birthdays. After, we start to do the upcoming months. Now, we are on the June birthdays. Last, we put the habit trackers in Mr. Brem’s mailbox and head down to our classroom.

Also we have been helping kids on Mondays  mornings to practice for our Leadership Gatherings. One Monday,we got to lead the Leadership Gathering,on January,25 2016. It was GREAT! We had a lot of hard names to read but we still loved doing it. We always had a good feeling this year would be a great year! This is how we are Helping With Leadership Gatherings!


Students Skype Across District

Mrs. Wied’s 5th grade students at HST and WSE communicated via Skype to discuss their grade level project that will be presenting to both schools in June.  Their theme this year is~ Get Involved and Be Active.  Students are currently researching either a sport, an athlete, or creating their own sport and transferring it into a learning trail for the entire school to learn about. We look forward to checking out their presentation later this school year!

Opening a Window to the World via Skype

Students from Mrs. Cross’s ESL class participated in a Skype lesson with Geologist and Space Science Educator, Maureen Moore-Roth from Denver, CO. In preparing to read the 3rd grade StoryTown title, “Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut,” Mrs. Moore-Roth lead a Skype lessons to build the students’ background knowledge. Students completed a KWL chart by indicating what they already know about astronauts and space, what they learned from the Skype lesson and what they still wanted to learn. Students posted their questions on a classroom blog and Mrs. Moore-Roth responded to them.

Check out Our ESL Class blog post https://kidblog.org/class/our-esl-class


iBook: Salisbury…Inspire, Think, Learn, Grow…Together!

cropped-Teaching-and-Learning-2020.pngTeaching and Learning 2020 (TL2020) is an initiative of the Salisbury Township School District located in Allentown, PA  TL2020 is the next phase in the development of teaching and learning that started in our district with TL2014. TL2020 builds on our successes at transforming teaching and learning through technology. The initiative offers increased learning opportunities by providing a personal computing device for each student (1:1), Kindergarten though Grade 12.

This ibook was created to capture the essence of TL2020 and was submitted as our successful application to become an Apple Distinguished Program from 2015 to 2017.

Download the iBook in the store!

Famous Artist Research Project

Fifth grade classes are using technology in art class by researching famous master artists with the search engine, Duckduckgo.com,and creating a Keynote presentation on the artist of their choice. Students learned about various artists such as O’Keefffe, Warhol, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet, just to name a few. They included facts about their artist as well as images of several pieces of their artwork which gave them a deeper understanding of the artist and their style. Students shared their Keynotes with the class, eager to show their peers the interesting facts they learned about their master artist. Students then chose one piece of artwork created by the master artist that they are recreating as a 18 X 12 inch postage stamp. They cut out a stamp shape and then used pencil to draw the famous painting or print. Lastly, they chose a medium (paint, oil pastels, markers, etc) that best represented their chosen artist’s piece of artwork. Students will be adding the amount of 49 cents to their stamps as well as the artist’s name.

~ Mrs. Kunkle, HST Art Teacher