Technology in Kindergarten

The kindergarten classes at Western Salisbury Elementary School have enjoyed learning to use the laptops and mini iPads. With the laptops the kindergarteners have been learning to play various learning games as well as learning to use the program, Pages to produce published works.  With the iPads the students use many of the apps.  Their favorites include Reading Eggs, MathSeeds and PebbleGo. The students have been using the app, Doodle Buddy on the mini iPads to practice addition and subtraction skills as well as writing and spelling words.


Bayan Julian Julianna Katelyn Peyton Sahara and Taelyn

Class Dojo Scores Big in Third Grade at WSE!

Third graders in Mr. Somishka’s and Mrs. Moyer’s classrooms are experiencing a new and exciting way of managing classroom behavior using an online resource called Class Dojo. Class Dojo allows Mr. Somishka and Mrs. Moyer to customize their Class Dojo page to encourage positive student behavior. It also aligns very well with Leader in Me because it provides students (and parents) an opportunity to view a timeline of their individual progress. Lastly, it is a helpful way for Mr. Somishka and Mrs. Moyer to keep the lines of communication open with parents/guardians, as it easily and almost effortlessly engages the students’ families. Mr. Somishka and Mrs. Moyer have enjoyed reaching parents directly and confidentiality using the instant message feature. It also includes features for posting photos and making classroom announcements. Overall, Class Dojo has been a wonderful addition to the third grade classrooms at Western and we look forward to continuing to use this online tool in the future.


Dojo mobile Positive Dojo Traits TL2020 WSE GRADE 3

Students Skype Across District

Mrs. Wied’s 5th grade students at HST and WSE communicated via Skype to discuss their grade level project that will be presenting to both schools in June.  Their theme this year is~ Get Involved and Be Active.  Students are currently researching either a sport, an athlete, or creating their own sport and transferring it into a learning trail for the entire school to learn about. We look forward to checking out their presentation later this school year!

Staff Wars, Garage Band, and Elementary Music Instrution

Students of Western Salisbury Elementary School use the app “Staff Wars” to improve there note recognition.  The game helps students develop quick recognition of notes on the staff which will help students become more confident reading music and learning to play their instruments.  Elementary students have also had the opportunity to use other tech tools to aid them in the development of their musical skills.  Garage Band, a program that allows students to play along with their method book exercises and concert music, is included on all Apple products.  It allows a student to record and play back their practice sessions so the student can listen to himself / herself and critique his or her performance.  Students can also vary tempo, change key, and accompany their own performance using Garage Band.

Submitted by Mr. Stan Griffis, Music Department

Fourth Grade Reading Fluency & iPad Integration

I have begun using the laptops for students to monitor their own reading fluency.  Students record themselves reading and then go back and listen for errors, flow, and cadence. In the past, either I have done fluency checks on the students, or they have been taught how to check each other for fluency.  This new system of students doing their own fluency checks has several advantages.  The first is that students are more at ease reading “to themselves” via the laptop than they are reading in front of the teacher or a peer.  Secondly, they enjoy doing anything with the laptops, so they are highly motivated to do this activity.  Most importantly, they get to actually hear themselves read – they can hear their mistakes and/or areas of oral reading that need improvement.  This is much more powerful that having a teacher or a peer say, “This is what you did.” Also, this method provides an audio record of student progress over time, and it allows for multiple listens of the same passage (both by the student and the teacher) to analyze fluency.

Patti Anderson

4th grade teacher



4th Grade Reading Fluency Video

Ms. Horne’s class has been using iPads:

“I am utilizing the mini ipads during reading and math BEE periods so students can self check or partner check for understanding using the QR Code Apps.”

iBook: Salisbury…Inspire, Think, Learn, Grow…Together!

cropped-Teaching-and-Learning-2020.pngTeaching and Learning 2020 (TL2020) is an initiative of the Salisbury Township School District located in Allentown, PA  TL2020 is the next phase in the development of teaching and learning that started in our district with TL2014. TL2020 builds on our successes at transforming teaching and learning through technology. The initiative offers increased learning opportunities by providing a personal computing device for each student (1:1), Kindergarten though Grade 12.

This ibook was created to capture the essence of TL2020 and was submitted as our successful application to become an Apple Distinguished Program from 2015 to 2017.

Download the iBook in the store!

Fifth Grade Socratic Seminar

As 5th grade at WSE begins another academic year, we are introducing a strategy that asks students to probe below the surface meaning of what they are reading—Socratic Seminar!  Socratic circles change the way students read, think, discuss and hopefully write.  The activity does not always concern itself with students and correct answers;  it concerns itself with students asking the right questions.  This student led activity fosters leadership skills within the ELA classroom.

On Thursday, October 15th, with the assistance of retired ELA coach, Darlene Wenhold, WSE’s fifth grade discussed a selection from Wonder in Socratic Seminar.  Below are video selections from each classroom.

Adams Part 1

Adams Part 2

Adams Part 3

DeBona Part 1

DeBona Part 2

DeBona Part 3

DeBona Part 4


Technology in Art Class

During art class, fifth grade students at WSE learned about the Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai and his artistic style through a Keynote presentation.  Students critiqued and discussed Hokusai prints as a whole group and then received directions for the Japanese lantern project.  Students used their laptops to research Hokusai and created a Pages document or Keynote presentation which included 3-4 facts about the artist as well as a Hokusai print that they would recreate for their Japanese lantern painting.  The students are finishing their paintings currently in art class and will turn their two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional lanterns, similar to the examples shown in the Keynote presented to the classes.

photo 6 photo 8 photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 7 photo 2 photo 5