4th Grade Technology Projects

The following post is from Ms. Anderson, fourth grade teacher at WSE:

Rather than posting store-bought posters around my room, which the students may or may not read, I had students design their own classroom posters on a variety of topics, from computer rules to steps for 2-digit addition, to types of punctuation. They created the posters on their laptops, using Pages and clipart. I then printed their designs using the school poster maker.  Their own posters now decorate the walls of room 205!

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The following post is from Ms. Horne, fourth grade teacher at WSE:

I did an activity called the 5 Kingdoms Science Quest.  They were taking notes on the five animal kingdoms to help enhance what they are learning in class.  The site they used is KidsBiology.com.  The students would gather information from the website and learn how to successfully research data on the Internet.

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The Flipp”id” Classroom: FDR’s Fireside Chats

This year, Ms. Agnew & Mr. Cerco having been using instructional design principles to flip their co-taught American Cultures class. A recent lesson that the class completed was the creation of their own Fireside Chats. (there is no audio with this video)


First, students completed a homework module on the Great Depression via Moodle. Homework modules are created using Captivate an e-learning software. The homework module consisted of a presentation with audio, video and built in assessments.  (there is no audio with this video)

Next, students completed a knowledge check in class via a Moodle quiz and listened to some of FDR’s original Fireside Chats.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.56.26 AM

They paired up, investigated a New Deal program that was assigned to them and created a fireside chat using Quicktime player.

After all of the students had submitted their Fireside Chats, they competed in  an audio space race where they  had to listen to other student’s fireside chats and identify the program being discussed.

HST Partners with St. Luke’s

wellnessHST Wellness Committee is partnering with St. Luke’s to Sharpen the Saw. This year we will be implementing Live Your Life. This evidence-based initiative originates from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Each month will feature a health initiative. The Student Wellness Committee will teach the initiatives to classrooms. At the end of the month students will participate in a one-hour assembly. Our initiatives by month are:

  • November                  Be Physically Active
  • December                  Turn off the Screens
  • January                      Eat Less Fast Food
  • February                    Snack on Healthy Foods
  • March                         Get Enough Sleep
  • April                            Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
  • May                             Drink More Water


The Wellness Committee:

St. Luke Partners: Hollie Gibbons and Mariah Syrocki

HST Teachers: Dana Sugra, Kristen Zellner, Mary Beth Bedics

HST Students: Naiya Schankowtiz, Elizabeth Sterner, Josue Arroyo, Mikayla Lighting, Emma Kichline, Jackson Kramp, Ava Smarch, Stella Strickland, Skylyn Mason, Dominic Popovich, Dylan Jarjous, Meredith Kelly

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SMS Students Study Germany Through Digital Tools

ThingLink SoftwareTo further explore the culture of Germany, Mrs. McGuinness, our German 1 teacher used a special online software called ThingLink with her students. ThingLink is a digital tool that provides students the ability to turn any image into an interactive graphic. Students can create buttons that that are embedded on the page and these buttons link a part of the page to video, audio, or any website once the button is clicked.

Salisbury Middle School students created a page that highlighted specific locations in Germany and then added “buttons” to the page that enabled other students to view the cultural features of the area. Some students added photos, audio files, and links to particular websites that provided additional information about the unique features of Germany. Students’ ThingLink pages were then shared with classmates enabling all students to access information about Germany in a creative way.

Click on the link below to see Mrs. McGuinness describing her ThingLink activity that she conducted with her students.


Students are Pen Pals with Students in Brazil and China

ePals activityMrs. Prokesch’s English students are communicating with students in other countries through an online program called ePals. ePals is an online educational community where learners around the world connect and collaborate on projects that often focus on issues of global awareness and culture. Our seventh grade students are learning communication and writing skills while working as pen pals with students in China and Brazil. Students are sharing their interests and educational experiences and learning about the similarities and differences between our cultures. Communication with students from other countries has been valuable learning experiencing for everyone.