7th grade Students connect with students in Brazil and China through Epals

Epals is a global community involving over 200 countries and territories all over the world.  Smilebox is a universal program, which allows students to connect safely with their Epals through photos and videos using the program on their laptops.  Mrs. Prokesch’s 7th grade Language Arts classes have researched their Epals’ schools in Brazil and China and exchanged multiple emails, letters, keynotes and now Smilebox pictures this year on different topics.

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Augmented Reality in School with Aurasma

Students in the HST Leadership Club are using Aurasma to share how they follow the 7 Habits. Aurasma is an augmented reality app that allows users to overlay videos on top of stationary images.  Students synergize to write a script and record videos of each other.  Then, they use the Aurasma app to create an “aura” which allows them to play the videos each time their iPad scans one of The 7 Habits posters.  These posters are located throughout the school and in each classroom. 

Please check out the video to learn more from the students.

Third Grade Research Projects

In third grade, students have completed research on animals of their choice. They used a variety of resources in library as well as class. In library, Mrs. Jaindl spent time explaining and allowing students to explore many online reliable resources including Destiny Quest, Searchasaurus, SIRS Discover, and Kids Search. Third graders spent time researching their animals characteristics, adaptations, diet, habitat, and interesting facts. After completing their research, students created their own Keynotes to present to their classmates.

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