Students Showcase Leadership at HST

Harry S Truman Elementary School is proud to be a Leader in Me School!  Fifth graders, Shayla and Quinn, decided to create a video to showcase leadership at HST.  First, they recorded and described leadership displays around our school. Then, they interviewed students and staff with the question, ”How do you show leadership?”  Finally, they synergized to compile their recordings together to create an iMovie. Enjoy their video to see first hand the impact The Leader in Me has on our school climate and culture.

Students Create Digital Art Portfolios

The following post is from Mrs. Kunkle, Art Teacher at HST:

I worked with HST first grader classes to create digital portfolios of their artwork they’ve created this year in art class, on their iPads.  First we went out into the hallways and took pictures of their hanging framed artwork that they entered into the art show.  We talked about strategies for taking a picture such as how close to hold their iPad to the artwork and using the zoom feature when necessary.  Then they went through their art portfolios of their artwork in the art room to take pictures of all of their pieces.  Next they used Keynote to create a slideshow of their artwork.  They learned how to manipulate the size and flip pictures to fit neatly on their Keynote slides.  They also used text to title their artwork and digital portfolio.  Lastly, they learned how to use transitions and color backgrounds to make their slideshow of artwork aesthetically pleasing.  The students shared their Keynote slideshows on the SMARTboard as a class.