Class Dojo Scores Big in Third Grade at WSE!

Third graders in Mr. Somishka’s and Mrs. Moyer’s classrooms are experiencing a new and exciting way of managing classroom behavior using an online resource called Class Dojo. Class Dojo allows Mr. Somishka and Mrs. Moyer to customize their Class Dojo page to encourage positive student behavior. It also aligns very well with Leader in Me because it provides students (and parents) an opportunity to view a timeline of their individual progress. Lastly, it is a helpful way for Mr. Somishka and Mrs. Moyer to keep the lines of communication open with parents/guardians, as it easily and almost effortlessly engages the students’ families. Mr. Somishka and Mrs. Moyer have enjoyed reaching parents directly and confidentiality using the instant message feature. It also includes features for posting photos and making classroom announcements. Overall, Class Dojo has been a wonderful addition to the third grade classrooms at Western and we look forward to continuing to use this online tool in the future.


Dojo mobile Positive Dojo Traits TL2020 WSE GRADE 3

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