HST Student Led Leadership Gatherings

The following post was written by 4th Grade Members of the HST Student Lighthouse Team: 

Helping With the Leadership Gatherings! 

This year, Riley and Tamya, 4th graders at HST, are helping with the leadership gatherings. We have been trying to make every gathering a big success. First,we always get the positive habit Trackers. Then, we take them to Mrs. Cross’ room. Next, we type them up into  a shared slideshow in Google Slides. We work our hardest to get these names perfect and not to misspell the names. Then, we have to work on typing in all of the student birthdays. After, we start to do the upcoming months. Now, we are on the June birthdays. Last, we put the habit trackers in Mr. Brem’s mailbox and head down to our classroom.

Also we have been helping kids on Mondays  mornings to practice for our Leadership Gatherings. One Monday,we got to lead the Leadership Gathering,on January,25 2016. It was GREAT! We had a lot of hard names to read but we still loved doing it. We always had a good feeling this year would be a great year! This is how we are Helping With Leadership Gatherings!


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