Student Leaders as News Reporters

Student leaders at HST synerzied to write the following news articles.

They used a shared Google doc to draft and revise the articles. Then, they documented their leadership skills by taking photos using HST iPads.

Enjoy their news articles!

Helping with Kindergarten

By: Riley and Haylee

This year, Riley and Haylee have been helping with Mrs. Saxman, a Kindergarten teacher with many things.

We help Kindergarten in the afternoon every day. Before we do that we finish our science then we pack up and put our chairs up.  Then we head down to Kindergarten. Monday through Wednesday, we put letters in bags for the kids to spell. We also let the kids read to us for practice.   On Thursday we make sure that all the ipads and computers are all plugged in because they use those electronics on Thursday. Friday we put together their homework for the next week. Last we do whatever Mrs. Saxman needs us to do and wait to be called as walkers.  We synergize when we work together because if one of us puts together the homework it is done.  We are also proactive when asking her what she needs help with. Now Mrs. Sugra is coming back. She was in Mrs. Saxman’s place so now we can help her too!

IMG_2035 IMG_2041



Helping with First Grade

By Mason and Ryan

This year, Mason and Ryan helped the first graders with many things.

First we get unpack and do our lunch count. Then we go down to first grade. We put first things first before we go to first grade. We wait until we are told to read with them, we let the first graders pick their books and let us know if they want to read or for us to read.  Sometimes we do other things like help pass out tests and help them if they need it, also we help with their kid writing. While we help them with their writing, we would help with spelling and the grammar in the first grade sentences. We enjoy helping first grade.




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