Students Create Opposing Viewpoints Project in Art Class


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Opposing viewpoints project: A heavily research based project, where students choose controversial topics and then turn their research into a propaganda sculpture. Their objective is to sway or reconfirm the views and beliefs of anyone who encounters their sculpture.

The opposing viewpoints website provides numerous topics and categories to choose from, allows access to credible sources from all sides of the topic, and neatly compiles it into a single database. With the removal of any bias, students are able to form their own decisions when researching these topics.

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Since this project is all about spreading knowledge, students also give short presentations to the class using “keynote” or “prezi” on the topic of their choosing and follow it up by give a short quiz utilizing “Kahoot” an online quiz generator, that everyone can access through their laptops or phones.

Post production of the projects, students also have an opportunity to gain some bonus points by using aurasma. Aurasma allows them to embed more information, animation, or their presentation back into their sculpture. Simply by scanning the sculpture the viewer can gain additional information about the topic, symbolism, or source material that was used in developing each art piece.

This is just one of many projects in which technology is woven into the materials to enhance the student’s overall experience and to allow for maximum individualization of each lesson and art piece.

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Submitted by Aaron Yetter, Art Teacher at SHS, May 8, 2016

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