About TL2020

Teaching-and-Learning-2020Teaching and Learning 2020 (TL2020) is an initiative of the Salisbury Township School District located in Allentown, PA. TL2020 is the next phase in the development of teaching and learning that started in our district with TL2014. TL2020 builds on our successes at transforming teaching and learning through technology. The initiative offers increased learning opportunities by providing a personal computing device for each student (1:1), Kindergarten through Grade 12.

  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 – iPad Mini – available in school
  • Grade 2 – Grade 5 – Macbook Pro – available in school
  • Grade 6 – Grade 12 – Macbook Pro – available in school and at home

TL2020.org is the primary communication tool for teachers, students, parents and community about all things TL2020! Links to documents, forms and important information about digital devices for students and parents/guardians appear across the top of the page. Look for fresh content about student work and TL2020 news to appear on the main page.

TL2020 has as its stated goals:

  • Increase powerful learning experiences as guided by our Learning Beliefs and measured by classroom walkthroughs, observations, surveys and other sources.
  • Increase opportunities for all students to develop and practice knowledge, skills and dispositions identified in our Profile of a Graduate as measured by classroom walkthroughs, observations, surveys and other sources.
  • Transform teaching and learning in digital environments as measured by classroom walkthroughs, observations, surveys and other sources.
Salisbury Township School District Board of Education
Frank R. Frankenfield, President
Samuel P. DeFrank, Vice-President
Audrey H. Frick
George J. Gatanis
Courtney W. Gibbs
Joseph D. Gnall
Carol Klinger
Susan M. Lea
Mary L. Ziegler

John Freund III, Esq., Solicitor


Salisbury Township School District Administration

Dr. Randy Ziegenfuss, Superintendent
Mrs. Lynn Fuini-Hetten, Associate Superintendent
Mrs. Kelly Pauling, Director of Teaching and Learning
Mrs. Tracey Jacobi, Director of Special Education
Mr. Michael VacaroSupervisor of Special Education
Mr. Christopher Smith, Coordinator of Technology
Mr. Michael TaylorChief Financial Officer

Ms Heather Morningstar, Principal, Salisbury High School
Mr. Brian Mushchlitz, Assistant Principal, Salisbury High School
Mr. Ken Parliman, Principal, Salisbury Middle School
Mr. Rob Sawicki, Assistant Principal, Salisbury Middle School
Dr. Grace Hartman, Principal, Western Salisbury Elementary School
Mr. Zachary Brem, Principal, Harry S. Truman Elementary School

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